Tip 1: How to convert cubic meter per liter

volume - setting solid, liquid and gaseous bodies, defining a set of dimensional characteristics of the body.Mathematically it is the product of the length, width and height of the body.That is why the international system of units, this quantity is measured in cubic meters.But often found in the home and other units of volume such as liter milliliter cubic centimeter.
According to the physico-mathematical theory of one liter is equal to zero point zero one thousand cubic meters, that is, 1 liter = 0,001 m ^ 3 (where m ^ 3 - the designation "cubic meter").Then one cubic meter equals a thousand liters of 1 m ^ 3 = 1000l.
Based on the above rules, the following algorithm to convert cubic meters to liters, multiply present in the problem statement numerical value of the volume per one thousand.To mark this point at the numbers move the three characters to the right.
Example 1. Suppose that you need to transfer 5 cubic meters per liter.Solution: 5 m ^ 3 = 5 * 1000 = 5000l.
Example 2. Suppose that you need to transfer 0.5 cubic meters per liter.Decision: 0.5 m ^ 3 = 0.5 * 1000 = 500 liters.
Example 3. Suppose you need to transfer 57 cubic meters per liter.Solution: 57 m ^ 3 = 57 * 1000 = 57000 liters.
If you want to convert liters to cubic meters, then you multiply this number by zero point one thousandth, or divide it by a thousand.When these mathematical operations a comma from the original number will move to the left by three characters.
Example 4 is required to transfer 0.3 liters per cubic meter.Decision: 0.3 l = 0.3 / 1000 = 0.3 * 0.001 = 0.0003 m ^ 3.
Example 5. How many cubic meters placed in 8 liters of substance?Solution: 8 l = 8/1000 = 0.008 m ^ 3.
If you get an answer is too long, simplify his record, using decimal prefixes.Tables designations adopted (multiple or submultiple) decimal prefixes can be found in any physical reference.One of them: OFKabardin.Physics.Reference materials.Moscow."Enlightenment", 2000.
Example 5. How many cubic meters placed in 8 liters of substance?Solution: 8 l = 8/1000 = 0.008 m ^ 3 = 8 ml.(milliliters).
You can too long, laden with zeros, the number written in the form of products with a power ten.That is, the value 1000 can be written as 10 ^ 3 (the third power), and the fraction represented as 0.0042 42 * 10 ^ (- 4) (in the minus four degrees).
Going back to the example 4, the solution can be extended: 0.3 l = 0.3 / 1000 = 0.3 * 0.001 = 0.0003 m ^ 3 * 3 = 10 (-4) m ^ 3.

Tip 2: How to transfer ml per liter

abbreviation "ml" (milli liter ) oboznalsya volumetric characteristics of a relatively small amount of a substance.Milli liter - a derivative of liter and his thousandth part.Liter and all of its derivatives are not part of the SI.In this system, one liter of Milli y corresponds to a volume of one cubic centimeter, and liter have - equal to one cubic decimeter.
How to translate ml per liter
Share a thousand known value of the volume of material in milli liter ah, to translate it into liter s.
Take, for example, from the calculator of Windows, if the calculated value is in the mind is difficult.Run it can be opened by pressing the WIN or by clicking the "Start" main menu and select in the "Standard" under "All Programs" item "Calculator".Since it is a system component, then typing a short command calc and pressing Enter, you can open the calculator and run programs through dialogue.This dialogue can be seen by pressing the key combination WIN + R or select 'Run' from the menu on the button "Start".
interface Switch calculator mode conversion units.To do this, open the section "View" in its menu and click "convert".This alternative design has a calculator on the left side of the field to select the three units and click "Translate" below them.
Click the top list ("Category"), and select it the line "volume."When set in this field calculator changes the composition of the units in the other two lists.The average of these ("Initial quantity") to select "milli liter ».In the bottom ("final value"), click the row « liter ».
Click the entry field of the calculator and enter a known volume in milli liter ah.Then click the button labeled "Translate".This procedure is completed - the calculator will calculate the value entered in liter ah.
Another way is to use a translation search engine Google.C recently, it appeared calculator, which is also able to translate these values ​​from one unit to another.This converter is no separate interface - it is necessary to enter a value directly in the input box the search query.You only need to clearly articulate the request.For example, to find the correct value corresponding to one and a half thousand milli liter s, type in "1500 ml in a liter ah."
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