you need
  • Mercury alembic.
Particular attention should be paid to the fact that gold is often a companion of quartz.And under the influence of natural influences (wind, rain, etc.) quartz veins are destroyed, and the gold, along with rock particles washed out.Therefore, it is better to look in the lowlands.
find the place of the alleged accumulation of gold, a qualitative analysis.Pour 50 grams of mercury in a test tube or other glass container and fill it with water.Then, pour sand back to the intended field, all mixed thoroughly, and then separate the sand from
the mercury.Gold dissolves well in mercury to form the amalgam.Repeat this process for 7 - 9 hours.If the gold is contained in the sand, the mercury will gradually change color.
Next you need to separate the gold from mercury.Place the amalgam in the alembic (the principle of moonshine) and turn on the heat.Mercury will evaporate, and gold will remain at the bottom of the cube.
Try another way, take the sheep's clothing, and secure it to the bottom of the river, in the ground which can be expected to gold particles.Six months later, remove and burn in what - or a vessel.And ash treat the mercury on the above described method.