In mid-August storks gather in flocks and fly away to the warm countries.Sometimes charges last until mid-October.Flying birds at high altitude, landing and making an overnight stop.If you allow the presence of updrafts, bird flocks move soaring.There are several areas in which the birds are moving to escape the cold.One country where winter storks - Africa.Get a bird to different routes.One way - on the south-west, bypassing France.Some flocks remain to winter in the welcoming banks of the Seine and the Loire.Others go further, in eastern Spain on Gibraltar.Here to join flocks of storks Spanish continue to follow the birds together.The further way lies through the
birds of Morocco - West Africa.The number of travelers replenish the birds nesting in Algeria.In West Africa storks stopped nesting in Senegal and Nigeria.In the south-east of Africa, there is also a place that was chosen for nesting birds.Cruise travelers are moving on the western shore of the Black Sea, through the Balkans to the Bosporus.Then diagonally across the Turkey - Syria.Flying through Asia, they gather their flocks brethren from Asia Minor.Next, storks follow along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, crossing the space above the valley of the Jordan - to the Sinai Peninsula.From pilgrims fly across the North of the Red Sea to the Nile.Then storks depart on East Africa - to the south of the continent.Not all reach the southernmost point, many flocks of land on the route and remain zimovat.V mid-November storks appear in Zambia.South Africa swarms reached a month later, in dekabre.Uletayut storks in Burma.Here in the northern Mianmare birds have chosen wetlands for wintering.Tropical warmly greet travelers by providing them with fertile meadows and fields under unfathomable sky - bright blue day and blue-black nochyu.Put many of these wading dlinnoklyuvyh representatives of the order, namely These include storks , lies Ceylon.It flies a large number of storks from Central Asia.They appear there in the middle of winter avgusta.Aisty and India.Here in western Madhya Pradesh, plenty of frogs, fish and worms, which are so fond of these birds.Indian climate is favorable for nesting birds and breeding flocks ptentsov.Mnogie winter in Indochina and Korea.The proximity of the sea, fish and birds attracted by the mild climate in these places.Here are the winter storks from the Far East.