you need
  • - epoxy or turpentine resin
  • - hardener
  • - shellac
  • - glycerin
  • - rosin white
  • - forms amber
epoxy resin and hardener, the best foreign production, in a ratio of 9 to 1. Mix them and pour the resulting solution into a mold.Before pouring, do not forget to lubricate the inside shape of glycerol to the product subsequently moved away from the walls of the mold without problems.
When the epoxy solution is already in shape, add the two or three drops of water and a thin wooden stick to stir in a circular motion, thus creating a pattern.Instead of water can be
put in epoxy small insect or a piece of grass, leaves.If you want your amber get different colors, add in different forms with a drop of epoxy paint, for example, red or orange.
Put molds with artificial amber in a well-ventilated room, for example, on the balcony, and leave them alone for a day.After remove the artificial amber form.Take sandpaper, preferably small, to clean up the resulting product.After stripping cover them with a cloth special polishing paste GOI.
can do amber at home is not an epoxy, but with turpentine resin.To do this, take a portion of the pitch, one part white rosin and shellac two parts - a natural gum.Melt separately turpentine resin in a tin pan with high walls, add to it shellac.
Melt rosin and add it to the mass of melted tar and shellac, when it becomes liquid and translucent.Boil the mixture to a state of complete transparency.Then pour it into a mold and let to complete solidification.After the polish and zalakiruyte products.