Tip 1: How to make from AC DC

In human life, fascinated by electronics, are often faced with the task to convert AC to DC.In general, a relatively easy task for the experienced in this field, man.But what if you are just a beginner in electronics?There are a number of devices that can help us in this
you need
  • AC power conductors, a diode bridge, the consumer DC.
First we need to understand what the electric current and the alternating current is different from the constant.An ordered motion of charged particles known as electric shock.In a constant electric current through a conductor cross-section for the same intervals runs the same number of charged particles.But in an alternating current number of these particles for the same time intervals is always different.
And now you can overstep directly to converting alternating current to DC, this will help us a device called a "diode bridge".The diode bridge or bridge - one of the most common devices for rectifying the alternating current .
Initially, it was designed with the use of vacuum tubes, but was considered a complicated and expensive solution, instead it used a more primitive scheme with dual secondary windings in the supply rectifier transformer.Now, when semiconductors are very cheap, in most cases it is used bridge circuit.But the use of this scheme does not guarantee 100% of the current rectification , therefore the scheme can be extended to a filter capacitor, and may choke and voltage stabilizer.Now, the output of our scheme as a result we get a constant current
How to make from AC

Tip 2: How to get a DC

To obtain a permanent current , enough to take the normal battery.The voltage of the current source and, as a rule, standard - 1.5 volts.Chaining a number of such elements can be obtained from the battery voltage, proportional to the number of such elements.For DC current but you can also use the charger on the mobile phone (5) or the car battery (12V).However, if you want to get a non-standard voltage, for example, 42, you have to build a rectifier with homemade simple filter supply.
How to get DC
you need
  • step-down transformer 220 in. / 42B.
  • Power cord with plug
  • diode bridge the PB-6
  • electrolytic capacitor 2000 uF × 60V
  • Soldering iron, rosin, solder connecting wires.
Collect rectifier circuit shown in Figure:
to properly collect and use such a device, the necessary minimum of knowledge about the processes occurring in the instrument.Therefore, carefully read with the scheme and principles of action vypryamitelya.Shema diode bridge, which explains how it works: During the positive half cycle (fine dotted bar) current moves on the right upper arm of the bridge to the positive terminal, through the load arrives at the left lower armand returned to the network.During the negative half cycle (large dotted bar) current flowing through the other pair of diode rectifier bridge.There Tr.- Transformer reduces the voltage from 220 volts to 42, galvanically separates the high and low voltage.D - diode bridge rectifies the alternating voltage received since the transformer.Numeral 1 denotes primary (network) of the transformer, the number 2 - secondary (output) winding of the transformer.
Connect to the primary winding of the transformer power cord and plug.Two wires connect the two terminals of the secondary winding of the transformer with two input terminals of the diode bridge.The output of the diode bridge marked "minus" solder to the negative terminal of the capacitor.
negative terminal of the capacitor is marked on his body a light stripe with the sign "minus".The same conclusion solder wire is blue.It will be a negative output of the rectifier.The output of the diode bridge with the sign "plus" solder to the second terminal of the capacitor with the red wire.This will be the positive terminal of the rectifier.Before turning carefully check the installation - mistakes are not allowed.
Helpful Hint
capacitor acts as a filter supply smoothing pulsations remained after rectifying diode bridge AC.
Working with electricity is always dangerous!It is not advisable to use not insulated by conductors, oxidised and power supplies are in disrepair!