To start, try to find among their silver jewelry something similar in size on checking your thing.First, weigh the arm silver, and then pick the one that should be made of platinum.If it will seem noticeably heavier than the previous, then it probably is not a fake.Platinum is actually much denser and heavier silver , approximately twice.However, if you are dealing with decorations too small, the hand can not feel the difference in weight.In this case it is better to use pharmaceutical weights.
Apart from the difference in weight, silver and platinum are different from each other, in which reactions they enter.In particular, silver is black under the influence of hydrogen sulphide and platinum does not react
to the presence of the substance.At home, to check products for authenticity platinum you can take a rotten egg and put it right on the decoration.If the metal is blackened, it will mean that before you fake silver.If the color does not change, it will be possible to say that before you platinum.
Another substance that can be used to distinguish silver from platinum, is nitric acid.To check the authenticity you have to drip on checking the product of concentrated nitric acid.If a slightly acid will corrode the metal, leaving it gray spot, it will be proof that you have checked the product is made of silver .If the nitric acid does not react with the metal, it will be to reassure you: Check the product is really made of platinum.
Another feature of platinum is its low thermal conductivity.So you can try to heat up the product by holding two fingers.If for quite a long time you can still keep the product without burning your fingers, it will be a weighty argument in favor of that before you platinum.All of silver fully warms up much faster.
Despite the fact that there are enough ways to distinguish silver from platinum in the home, it is better to entrust such tests to professionals who determine the metal by means of spectral analysis.