you need
  • garden or stretcher drill.
should be noted that in the depth of the flat areas groundwater occurrence (on the surface) is almost the same.In areas with an uneven surface, ground water have less depth in lower places.
If the area is swampy, it means finding the water level in shallow water, usually less than one meter.When pouring the water of small dimples can talk about finding groundwater at a high enough level that is above ground level.With a large amount of rain water levels can rise, and during dry periods, respectively, decrease.If the water comes to the surface, the water table can be determined directly by the level of water on the ground.
When finding the water level below the surface of the well to be drilled with
a small diameter.For this purpose, use a long drill garden (for the depth up to 2 meters) or a professional stretcher drill that allows drilling and groundwater samples taken at considerable depths (up to five meters).The level of water proburivaniya measured after 24 hours.If after 3-5 days the level has not changed, it is the right value, which can be used in the construction.
If the water lies at a greater depth, should carefully examine the surrounding area: to inspect the wells, springs, quarrying, surface depressions, etc.When taking into account the topography of the terrain, can be roughly called depth occurrence waters.If water found at a depth of three to five meters, it is not necessary to look for them - they are safe during the construction of the foundations of buildings.If constructed dug well or borehole, the information on groundwater is required.In addition, it is necessary to find out what breed contains soils with ground water .To do this, carry out additional examinations (soil sample is taken).