The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis small bird is extensive.Lives bullfinch in Europe, the front and East Asia, Siberia and Japan.It can live in mountainous and low-lying forests, avoiding the only treeless areas.In Russia, the bird lives in the forest and steppe zones, where you can find pine trees in large quantities.Most popular Bullfinch rek.Snegir spruce in the valleys - a small bird, a sparrow-sized, although visually seems larger.Males have a distinctive coloring, for which they can be easily distinguished from other birds.Cheeks, neck, abdomen and sides of his bright red.The color intensity may vary depending on the species and bullfinch each individual.The back and shoulders gray bird, and on his head there is a black "cap
" .Samka bullfinch looks much more modest.Neck, cheeks, belly and hips in her gray-brown color.Shoulders and nape - gray and brownish-back is brown.The head on, around the eyes and beaks, as well as males black tsveta.Navernyaka bullfinches you saw in the city in winter, but they never seen in the summer.However, from central Russia bullfinches usually do not fly away.In the summer they live in coniferous forests, feeding on tree buds, berries, fruits, seeds.Behave birds quietly hiding in the trees, so to find them is very difficult.In winter to find food becomes much more difficult, so bullfinches and sent to gorod.Ptitsy living in northern latitudes, the winter fly away to warmer climes, sometimes flew over vast distances.Meet wintering bullfinches possible in the Mediterranean countries, as well as in North Africa, and even Alaska.Birds return to the usual breeding grounds around the end of March - early April, and the female starts almost immediately tinkering nest.