you need
  • - trumpet;
  • - Roulette;
  • - caliper;
  • - line.
Measure tape measure or measuring tape circle pipe , for this wrap it around and look at the value on the scale.Next, divide the result by the number Pi equal to 3.1415.As a result, you get an external diameter pipe .
If you have calipers, you can measure the outside diameter of directly (for pipes up to 15 cm).To do this, grasp the tube sponges tool and look at a double scale, how many centimeters of diameter .
To find the internal diameter , measure the wall thickness of the pipe at the cut .Measure using a ruler or caliper (the second way, of course, more precisely).Subtract from the outer diameter and wall thickness multiplied by two - the resulting number is the diameter of the i
nner .
often refer pipes are made in inches.If you have measured in centimeters, try to translate it into inches.To do this, multiply the resulting diameter at 0,398, and you get the size in inches.On the other hand, can be translated diameter in inches to centimeters, simply multiply it by 2.54.
When choosing a towel warmer or other work in which you need to know the diameter of standard water pipe , passing in your home, use the following simple method.Attach a line to the pipe and estimate its approximate diameter .If the eye can see, that the pipe has a width of about 32 cm - boldly concludes that planting its diameter of 1 inch.Size 25-28 cm corresponds to a standard tube of ¾ inches, and the value in the 16 mm - 1.2 inches.