you need
  • Tin, two covers on the banks and tubes, tin strip, water heater.
Take the tin and cut her cover.Treat the cut at the banks and cover so that they are smooth.
Next, make two holes in the lid.For one hole solder nut and pre-pick it bolt (it will be the fill hole).A second hole, insert the metal tube (fitting) and also good solder it.
Then, insert the lid back on the jar tightly and solder it.This design will be a cauldron.
After that, take another one from the tin lid (this will be turbine), and in its center make a small hole.Th
en, the scissors from the periphery of the circular lid to the center thereof make cuts along the entire circumference, approximately half the radius of the cap.The spaces between the cuts bend so as to obtain an impeller (this will be turbine blades).
Take a strip of tin, and on both ends make it over the hole.Next, give a strip of U-shaped (this will be the holder of the turbine), the holes are facing each other.
in the hole, which is located in the center of the turbine, solder a thin tube.In this tube, insert the bar (should be easy to spin the turbine on the web), and the ends of the rod solder into holes in the U-shaped holder.
holder together with the turbine is soldered to the cover of the boiler so that the fitting of the boiler was sent to the turbine blades, and not to cover the filling hole.Pour the water into the boiler, close the filling hole bolt and heat it.When boiling water, steam jet exiting the nozzle will put pressure on the turbine blades, thereby causing it to move.