Tip 1: How to find the volume, if the given weight

in nature and technology weight and volume are interrelated with each other.Each body has these two parameters.Weight - is the magnitude of gravity, and the volume - its size.There are several ways to find the volume, knowing the mass of the body.
Mass with the volume between them are closely linked.When you are considering a variety of tasks ,null, you see that the volume can be found in several ways, knowing the mass.And the problem, as a rule, relate to two sciences - physics and himii.Samy easy way to find the volume - is its expression in terms of density.It is known that density is mass divided by volume: ρ = m / V.Sootvetstvenno volume equals: V = m / ρ.Massa two materials may be the same.However, if these are different substances, such as copper and iron, the amount of them will be different because their densities differ.
In chemistry there is a model of an ideal gas of 1 mol with a constant molar volume V = 22,4 mol / l.This gas has a volume at a constant pressure a
nd temperature.Molar volume deals mainly with the position chemistry.From the physical point of view, the amount may vary.Nevertheless, there is a relationship of molar volume and the volume of a portion of gas: vM = Vc / nin, where V m - molar volume;Vc - volume portion of gas;n in the - number veschestva.Kolichestvo substance is: nin = Mw / Mw, where Mw - weight substances, Mw - veschestva.Sootvetstvenno molar mass, the volume portion of gas is: Vc = Vm * mV / Mw.
If the problem given the concentration of the substance and its mass, the volume can be easily expressed in the formula: c = n / V = ​​m / M / V.MV = m / c, where M - the molar massveschestva.Otsyuda volume calculated using the formula: V = m / Mc = n / V, where n - the number of substances.
If the problem is given an ideal gas with some pressure p, temperature T and the amount of substance n, then we can apply the equation Mendeleev-Clapeyron, which allows to express the amount of: pV = mRT / M, where R - universalpostoyannaya.Sootvetstvenno gas on the basis of the equation, looking for volume: V = mRT / Mp.Eto ish equation is only suitable for those gases whose parameters are close to ideal.

Tip 2: How to find a lot of volume

body weight - this is one of its most important physical characteristics that shows its gravitational properties.Knowing the volume of the substance, as well as its density, can be easily calculated and body weight, based on the substance and lies.
How to find a lot of volume
you need
  • volume of material V, the density p.
Let us given to non-uniform material with a mass of V and mass m.Then, the density can be calculated by the formula:
p = m / V.
From this it follows that in order to calculate the mass matter, you can use its corollary:
m = p * V.Consider this example: Suppose we are given a platinum bar.Its volume is equal to 6 cubic meters.We find it a lot .
problem is solved in two steps:
1) According to Table density of various substances, the density of platinum is 21500 kg / cu.meters.
2) Then, knowing the density and volume of the substance, calculate its mass :
6 * 21500 = 129000 kg, or 129 tons.
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