When storing acetylene should take into account its features.For example, it can not be kept in bottles with a bronze valve, because the gas reacts with the copper part of the Bronze Age, forming a highly explosive substance - copper acetylide.
oldest, time-tested method for the production of acetylene - carbide reaction calcium water.Probably, many boys in childhood had fun throwing pieces of carbide into a puddle, immediately began a furious hiss Carbide literally "seething" disappearing before our eyes, and in the air clearly smelled something drastic, "sharp"
.This reaction thus:
CaC2 + 2H2O = C2H2 + Ca (OH) 2 To it proceeded too rapidly, it is possible to use not ordinary water, and saturated sodium chloride solution, for example.
If this experience is planned to show in chemistry class, you should pick up the reaction flask of suitable size.If it is too small, then the image by dissolving carbide foam may be "thrown out" pressure of acetylene in the outlet tube, and then - in a receiving vessel.In the case of too large bulb, have to wait long until the acetylene formed does not replace all the air from the unit.
water, preferably a saturated solution of sodium chloride should be added to the flask with chunks carbide slowly dropwise, regulating the reaction speed, avoiding that it proceeded too rapidly.