There are generations of proven way that does not require something to be considered - use ready-made tables of values.For example - "Tables Bradis."Can be used as a classic, that is, paper, publishing and the electronic version in PDF.On the Internet it is possible to obtain a copy, ieit is not necessary to go to the store.By doing this, there will be only found in the table right the arc tangent.
However, having access to the network, not necessarily looking for ready-made lists of values ​​can be found on-line calculators trigonometric functions.In comparison with the tables to use such services much more convenient.Moreover, they provide a much more advanced features, such as the calculation of the unit does not function, and the
whole formula composed of several operations with trigonometric functions.
can do without the Internet - a Windows has a built-in calculator that will allow to calculate, among other functions, too, and arctangent.By default, the calculator is started in its simplest form - without trigonometric functions.To reach them it is necessary to disclose in the menu "View" and click on the line with the inscription "Engineering."
In the extended calculator dial numbers you want to calculate the arc tangent.You can do this in three ways.The fastest - copy the value (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) in the entry field of the calculator.If no ability to copy, you can dial a number using the keypad or flip button calculator mouse cursor.After entering a value in any way necessary to select units for the calculation result.There are three options from which you must choose one, placing a mark in front of him in the selector by the input field number.Then tick the checkbox Inv - this way you let the calculator program that functions as indicated on its buttons, must be inverted.Left-click the button that says tg (tan) and a calculator it inverts (arctangent), applied to the value you set, and will result in these units.