Where are the physical formula ?A simplified scheme of obtaining formulas can be expressed as follows: the question, hypothesize, conducted a series of experiments.The results are processed, there are specific formulas , and this gives rise to a new physical theory continues and develops the already existing.
student of physics, it is not necessary to re-take all this difficult path.Enough to learn central concepts and definitions, to familiarize with the scheme of the experiment, to learn the basic display formula .Naturally, without a strong mathematical knowledge is indispensable.
So, learn the definition of physical quantities related to the topic.Each has a value of the physical meaning that you need to understand.For exam
ple, one pendant - is the charge passing through the cross-section for one second with a current of 1 ampere.
Understand the physics of the process.What he describes the parameters, and these parameters are changing over time?Knowing the basic definitions and understanding the physics of the process, it is easy to get a simple formula .As a rule, between the values ​​or the square values ​​are set directly proportional or inversely proportional, the proportionality factor is introduced.
By mathematical transformations can derive the formulas of the primary secondary.If you learn to do it quickly and easily, the latter can not remember.The basic method of transformation - substitution method: any quantity is expressed from one formula and inserted into another.It is only important that these formulas correspond to the same process or phenomenon.
equation also can be folded together, divide, multiply.Functions of the time very often integrate or differentiate to yield new dependencies.Logarithm base for power functions.In deriving formula based on the results that you want to eventually get.