Age of Discoveries

In fact, XIX century largely turned representation scientists about the structure of the world and pushed a lot of amazing discoveries and inventions.It was on this wave and there was increased interest in electricity.

The discoveries followed one another.Electric power and magnetism were attributed to the most fantastic properties.Research scientists have overgrown the most incredible rumors, but nevertheless all this in general spurred unprecedented interest in science and science in particular.

Andre-Marie Ampere

Science attracted more than ever a lot of different people, and it happened with Andre-Marie Ampere.He was born in L
yon in an ordinary merchant family.He received education at home only, but since Andre-Marie had access to the family library, thanks to the diligence and desire for knowledge, he taught himself Latin, with the sole purpose - to read the works of the great mathematicians.

Andre-Marie Ampere in addition to training in scientific activities made notable career in the education system.When Napoleon Bonaparte, he was appointed to the post of Inspector General of French universities.

Ampere's Law

In 1827 saw the publication of his fundamental work "The Theory of Electrodynamic Phenomena, derived exclusively from experience", where the author has combined his research and gave them a mathematical definition.

In his work Amps described the principles of interaction of constant currents.They were investigated by Andre-Marie Ampere in 1820 yet.As a result of experiments and calculations Andre-Marie Ampere come to some conclusions.The scientist noted that the direction of current flowing in parallel conductors, affects their attraction.If blew ampere current in the two conductors in one direction, they are attracted.When a current is launched into one wire and in the opposite direction, it is repelled by the other conductor.This information formed the basis of the well-known law of Ampere.

essence of the experiment was to identify the attractive or repulsive force depending on the direction of electric current in the two conductors.

In addition, scientists noticed that, if strong enough to pass an electric current through conductors, their displacement clearly visible to the naked eye.Being a mathematician Ampere measured and found that the mechanical interaction of a force proportional to the current intensity and depends on the distance between the conductors.What is the distance the more the strength of the mechanical interaction less.So Ampere experiment brought the idea of ​​the existence of magnetic fields generated by electric current.This is the Ampere's law.