Sundew - unremarkable-looking plant with small rounded leaves, pressed to the ground.This species prefers moist places, and is found in the temperate zone.Sundew The name derives from the location of the hairs on the leaves of liquid droplets, dew-like in appearance.Caustic and viscous liquid attracts a variety of insects.Once a victim sits on the sheet, it is twisted, clutching an insect in its deadly embrace."Digest" a living organism, a sheet re-straightened.
prefer damp places and pinguicula.Its leaves are assembled into one large outlet.They are coated with a substance resembling oil, and therefore look glossy.This layer just stick unsuspecting insects.The adhesive composition does
not give the victim to leave the dangerous place.As a result, the insect becomes pinguicula tempting food.Carnivorous pinguicula, oily in appearance, can be seen not only in the swamps, but also in urban apartments: lovers of exotic plants appreciate her appearance.
But pemphigus can only be found in stagnant water.This plant has no root system, so the nutrients received by hunting insects.The leaves and stem of pemphigus are hidden under water, are raised above the surface of only yellow flowers.Insect traps have the form of bubbles, equipped with the likeness of the door opening to the outside.Small elastic hairs float grope the victim.Traps immediately opened into her with the force of water enters, carrying a living organism.
on the sandy plains of the American Venus flytrap grows.Exterior plants peculiar: on the top of flycatchers are several large flowers, leaves clustered around a short stem.That leaves allow flytrap catch insects and small animals.Leaf of this plant is large, it is divided into two plate parts, equipped with strong teeth.Once the insect lands on the leaf, it immediately closes the leaf securely capturing prey.
predatory lifestyle leads and Nepenthes, a traditional inhabitant of the tropics.His long and go down the leaves are at the ends of the trap in the form of jugs.At the bottom of the plant container, a layer of liquid containing caustic substances that help the plant to digest animal food."Jug" has a cover scented fragrance which attracts hapless guests.Insect, sat down on a Nepenthes inevitably breaks down and turns at the bottom of the vessel, where it is digested.