industrial method of producing - dissolution zinc and its compounds in hydrochloric acid.The starting material can be a calcined ore.Subsequently, the resulting solution is evaporated becausethe final product, except for zinc chloride , be water or volatile gases.Zn + 2 HCl = ZnCl₂ + H₂ ↑ ZnO + 2 HCl = ZnCl₂ + H₂OZnS + 2 HCl = ZnCl₂ + H₂S ↑
Another commercial method for producing ZnCl₂ - heating liquid zinc in a stream of chlorine.To this granular zinc is melted at a temperature of 419,6 ° C (the melting point of zinc ) .Zn + Cl₂ = t = ZnCl₂
Laboratory zinc chloride can be obtained
net effect of zinc on some metal chloride solutions.Those metals, which are right zinc in the electrochemical voltage range, they will be pushed out of the compounds.The most common metals, included in the reagent - iron, copper, mercury and silver.For carrying out the reaction in the tube pour a small amount of a solution of ferric chloride (copper, mercury or silver).Then immerse the tube beads pure zinc or zinc plastinku.2 FeCl₃ + Zn = 3 3 2 ZnCl₂ + FeT.k.Iron III chloride has a yellow color, then after the reaction the solution is discolored, and pure iron precipitates.It will be a visual confirmation of successful reaktsii.CuCl₂ + Zn = ZnCl₂ + CuHgCl₂ + Zn = ZnCl₂ + Hg2 AgCl + Zn = ZnCl₂ + 2 Ag
other laboratory method for producing zinc chloride - effect of metal chloridesor hydrochloric acid on zinc compounds .To pour in the reaction tube to calculate the amount of zinc hydroxide , add an equivalent amount of hydrochloric acid.After the neutralization reaction formed colorless solution of zinc chloride .If you need to get stuff dry, pour the solution into vyparitelnuyu cup and place on hotplate.After evaporation to stay white precipitate or plaque on the walls of probirki.Zn (OH) ₂ + 2 HCl = ZnCl₂ + 2 H₂ONeobhodimoe amount of zinc sulfate Pour into a test tube and add barium chloride.With the proper calculation substances react with each other completely (no residue) and end products section.Barium sulfate is precipitated, and zinc chloride remain in solution.The precipitate can be filtered and the solution vyparit.ZnSO₄ + BaCl₂ = ZnCl₂ + BaSO₄ ↓