you need
  • Bluestone
  • Water
  • filter paper
  • Thread cotton
  • Magnifier
  • Tweezers
  • Dishes for preparation of the solution
  • Transparent glass jar, mold
  • cover glass
  • flat stickwhose length is greater than the diameter of the neck of the vessel
Heat water to 45-50 ° C.Prepare a saturated solution of copper sulphate , gradually dissolving the powder in water until no further dissolution.Filter the resulting solution through a filter paper and pour it into a mold.
tie to a stick cotton thread.Lower thread to about half in a container with a solution.Cover the container with a cover glass, so there are not exposed to dust.But you
need to cover not very tight, because the vessel should enter the air.
Place vessel in a quiet place about a day.During crystal growth solution can not shake and stir.This may lead to the dissolution of already formed crystals.After one day, using a magnifying glass to examine the formed threads and the bottom of the vessel crystals.Select the largest and most correct.Carefully using tweezers to remove the rest.Leave 4-5 crystals, the distance between them should be sufficient for their growth.The crystals must not touch, otherwise they will grow together.In the future, the growth of crystals is necessary to make sure that once they had not formed new ones.The mold can not add a solution.