Exposure to

Even small doses of radiation can trigger the chain of reactions that lead to cancer and genetic malformations - gene mutations, changes in the structure and number of chromosomes.This is due to the formation of free radicals and release hydrogen, which is accompanied by rupture of the hydrogen bonds in proteins and nucleic acids.Large doses particles rapidly destroy the cells of organs and tissues, which leads to rapid demise of the living body.


X-ray radiation is the most co
mmon use of radioactivity for human use.Open Wilhelm Roentgen in 1895, emission occurs when passing between the cathode and the anode current under very high voltage in a vacuum tube.As a result, electrons are strong acceleration.It creates the effect of X-ray luminescence of some substance that is used in medical diagnostics.In addition to X-rays for diagnostic purposes is used positron emission, single-photon and magnetic resonance unit.

Nuclear Medicine

the treatment of malignant tumors using proton therapy linear accelerator directing a beam of accelerated particles in affected tissue, causing the directed destruction of pathological cells, as they are most susceptible to the effects because of its high activity.Such treatment is carried out without causing much damage to surrounding tissue.


intense radiation is used to sterilize food, seeds, medicines and equipment in cases where high temperatures are not allowed.In this way destroyed microorganisms such as Salmonella and Trichinella.Storability of the product at the irradiation dosage is much higher than with other methods of disinfection.

Radiocarbon dating

in archeology successfully use radioactivity to determine the age of the found objects, which from 1 thousand to 50 thousand years.The error in this case is not more than 50 years.


In areas where frequent storms, lightning rods installed on the top of which is fixed the source of gamma rays.Most often it acts as radioactive cobalt.Due to ionize the air surrounding it, the field strength decreases, and, consequently, the risk of lightning in the radius of action is reduced to zero.