you need
  • - current source;
  • - current user;
  • - wire;
  • - key.
Remember the basic components of the circuit.Any electrical circuit should contain a source of current (galvanic cell, battery, solar cell, an electric generator or any other element that creates an electric field allows the movement of electrical charges).
In addition, any chain contains consumer (light or any device that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, light, heat).The source and the consumer is connected via wires (or conductors, i.e. those connecting elements which have electric charges).
also electrical chain includes additional controls (for example, switch or key that closes and opens chain ), instruments for measuring el
ectrical values ​​(ammeter, voltmeter), and protective devices (fuses).The security elements are connected to the circuit in dangerous situations.
simple electrical circuit consists of a very small number of elements: the power supply, light bulbs, connecting wires and switches.In order to build a chain , first of all, connect the bulb to a power source.To do this, take the lead and connect using a bulb and battery (power source).
next conductor (lead wire) connect the bulb to the switch (key).Note that when assembling the chain key should be in the open state.Be careful: the switch is made of a conductive material, so just to touch the insulating handle.
To circuit was the electric current, chain must be closed.Therefore it is necessary to connect the key (switch) with a current source.One end of the connecting cable, connect to the switch, and the second - to a current source.Now the electric circuit collected.
bulb is not included only because the key is in the open position, and the chain , therefore also open.All items are, but the electric current in the circuit is not.To light bulb lit up, close the key.
To create a more complex electrical circuit , require more powerful power supply and additional elements.