emergence and development of medical genetics

Medical Genetics - a section of human genetics that studies the role of genetic factors in the development of pathologies.The effect of these factors is considered as at the population level, and at the molecular level.Among the tasks of medical genetics can be called identification, study, treatment and prevention of hereditary diseases.

This science is connected with all branches of medicine and its main section is a clinical geneticist.Medical genetics was born at the beginning of the XX century.At that time, scientists are only beginning to be applied to the Mendel's laws of inheritance rights.Then we began to study, as the hereditary diseases, the occurrence of mutations, both enviro
nment and genetics affect the development of diseases.

After World War II medical genetics began to develop especially rapidly.Its achievements have begun to put into practice, it has been the number and structure of the human chromosomes.Began study of metabolic diseases.Of course, this progress of medical genetics has been largely due to the progress of medicine in general.In medical genetics almost no methods of its research methods are used motherboards and related sciences.

principles and achievements of medical genetics

have medical genetics has a number of provisions.Hereditary Diseases - part of the human genetic variability.In their appearance influenced by heredity and a particular person, and the environment.Family history of mankind is the sum of pathological mutations during evolution.Changing the environment will result in new genetic diseases.

advances in medical genetics is a transcript of the nature of most monogenic hereditary diseases and the development of methods of diagnosis.She also has been studying the genetics of hereditary diseases at the population level.Take into account different factors: genetic structure of the population, demographic and migration characteristics, environmental conditions.

Medical Genetics holds the prevention of hereditary diseases, warning and dissemination of new mutations already known.To do this, consult, diagnose hereditary diseases in newborns.Some diseases can be identified even before birth.The methods of gene therapy of inherited diseases in the future may appear medications from hereditary diseases.