Your task: to get carbon from methane.The formula of methane may suggest further action.What should I do to get On the matter of CH4?Of course, the hydrogen attached to the carbon.That is to conduct a hydrogenation reaction.It will take place according to the formula: C + 2H2 = CH4
How can this be done?Just like that, under normal conditions such a reaction does not occur.This requires special conditions.Methane from carbon prepared by one of two ways: - either in a flame so-called "arcing" in the atmosphere of hydrogen.The reaction proceeds at a temperature of about 1200 degrees, - or at a lower temperature (about
400 - 500 degrees) and elevated pressure.Here, as the initiator and a reaction accelerator is used a nickel catalyst.
is easy to understand that in the laboratory to obtain methane from carbon extremely difficult.Therefore laboratories employ other methods for obtaining methane, for example, by the action of water on aluminum carbide, or fusion of sodium hydroxide with sodium acetate.Even in industrial environments to synthesize methane from carbon unprofitable.Such processes produce methane are purely academic interest.
As strange as it may sound, but the most effective method of producing methane from carbon - with the help of so-called "natural biological reactors."In other words, a large amount of methane produced in the gastrointestinal tract of herbivores in the digestion of food by bacteria and enzymes which play a catalytic role.Complicated intermediate processes ultimately boil down to the same reaction scheme: C + 2H2 = CH4