you must first understand when you need to check napisanie.Proverochnye words should be selected only when the letter is in a weak position.For vowel weak position is unstressed.But for those willing to - the end of a word or the presence of a number of other consonant when it is either not pronounced or is the process of stunning or voicing.For example, the word "winter" check the letter I. It is in unstressed position.
Check unstressed vowels in the root of the word can be picking up the check word or changing shape so that the vowel was in a strong position, ie,unstressed.Write the word "forest".Surely, you doubt what letter you
need to write in the root: E or I. Remember that choosing the word verification, you must take into account the lexical meaning.If you pick the word "forest" screening "fox", then you make a mistake, because we are talking about a large number of trees, not the animal.You need to check it with the word "forest".
If you doubt the spelling consonant also change the shape of the word, so that after him was a vowel or sonorant.For example, in the word "Beach" in the end does not hear the sound clearly.There is stunning.Check spelling You can change the form of the word "coast".
In some cases, if you can not check spelling, changing the word, ask for help to the spelling dictionary.
aware that in the Russian language are so many exceptions to the rule that you just need to remember.For example, the word "vegetation" is necessary to write the letter A, asin this case it is necessary to recall the rule writing alternating unstressed vowels in the root word.A letter written to the PT or to a combination of u and G - C. But before the word "germ" to write about in the bud, becauseit is an exception to the exception pravila.Slov-not too little, but those writing need to memorize.