analysis text , as the interpretation of a work of art should be an integral text.The analysis should reflect the level of knowledge about the different means of artistic language, of the content of the text and opportunities to create some form.It is difficult to make a rigorous analysis of the scheme and text .There are a number of recommendations and regulations.In compiling analysis and is not required to follow a particular sequence.The main thing is to make a logical analysis of the text and that conclusion follows from certain facts and supports the argument.
After reading the text comes first stage of philological analysis well.Identify the topic text .Tell us about the emotional impact that you have experienced while reading.In the course of further work
on the text, do not forget that first impression needs to be specified to justify.Sometimes it is appropriate to mention the history of the creation of the work, as well as the period of the author's creativity, which did the work on it.It is necessary to work on the figurative-expressive means, in other words, a linguistic analysis .Find out the features of the text , drawing conclusions about the place of these funds and their role in the text of the work.
Next Text complicated.Since it is necessary to trace the links between media development and their role in the work.It is important to identify a strong position text , note forms of communication language means.Identify the topic and idea text , causing the conflict, to conclude that imagery.Then tap the features of the structure analysis iruemogo you text .Identify the genre and generic features, particularly the composition and story elements.
for poems also need to define the formal construction tools, such as size, type of verse, a form of verse, rhyme and so on.