Ethyl alcohol obtained primarily as a result of the fermentation of sugar-containing products, grains, fruits, berries, vegetables.For this, the distillation apparatus, heating, distillation.
Get ethyl alcohol of ethane can be a simple reaction in the catalytic oxidation when heated to 2000 degrees in the presence of a catalyst.
Another way to obtain ethyl alcohol and ethane from is to carry out the following reactions: 1.halogenation at 1000 ° C and in the presence of ultraviolet light: C2H6 + Cl2 = C2H5Cl2.continue to perform the reaction with alkali: S2H5Cl + NaOH = C2H5OH + NaCl
Ethyl alcohol of ethane can be obtained another way.Spend the dehydroge
nation of ethane at 400-5000 ° C in the presence of platinum catalysts, Pt, Ni Ni, Al2O3: C2H6 + H2 = C2H4
Next formic acid in the presence of formic acid or perchloric acid NclO4 resulting product mix withwater and heat to a temperature of 85-1000 ° C to give ethyl alcohol : C2H4 + H2O = C2H5OH
Ethan flammable, almost insoluble in water, mixed with air is explosive, non-toxic.When heated ethane to a temperature of 575-10000 ° C it decomposes into hydrogen and acetylene, further heating results in charring and the appearance of aromatic hydrocarbons.
ethane is used in industry for the production of ethylene - a colorless gas having the same chemical formula as ethane.In the last century, combined with oxygen, ethylene was used for anesthesia.Today, ethylene is the raw material for polyethylene, vinyl acetate, ethylene oxide, acetic acid, and many others.Ethylene is a phytohormone also affecting the health and growth of many living organisms.