structure of the solar system study such topics geology as cosmochemistry and cosmology, space geology and planetology.The study of the impact of cosmic energy on Earth is the boundary between the field of the sciences of geology, cosmology and astronomy.The chemical composition of the Earth, a process that is concentrated and spray chemical elements in different areas of the planet, is engaged in geochemistry.The subject of geophysics are the physical properties of the planets and the study of physical methods.Earth consists mainly of minerals.The study of their composition, genesis, classification and definition - the field of mineralogy.Minerals included in the rocks.Petrography studies the issues of description and classification of rocks.Petrology - questions of origin of rocks.
Earth is actively changing planet.The world always occur different movements.Such processes on a global scale geodynamics studies.Its subject - the link between the processes in the planet's core.Levels of crustal blocks - the subject of tectonics.In the study of structural geology was the description and modeling of the Earth's crust violations, such as faults and folds.The study of deformation of rocks on the micro-level, ie on the scale of the grain aggregates and minerals involved in microstructural geology.
All geological sciences in the system are of historic origin.All they see the earth formation in the historical aspect and find out the history of their formation.Historical Geology summarizes data on consecutive major events in the history of planet Earth.In the history of the world there are two main stages of development.The first - is the emergence of organisms with hard body parts that leave traces in the various sedimentary rocks.These data define the science of paleontology geological age of rocks.Once on Earth appeared fossils came Phanerozoic.It is an open area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, it was preceded by kriptozoy and Precambrian (zone hidden life).
geology isolated in a separate discipline.It examines specific and metamorphosed complexes has its own specific research methods.The study of ancient life forms and a description of the fossils, trace fossils of the animal world is engaged in paleontology.