On Earth, there are many varieties of dandelions - over a thousand.They grow almost all over the planet, except only the Arctic and high-latitude areas.However, it is believed that the dandelions will never grow where no man has gone before - the alleged discoverers of new lands had not come across them, but soon after the settlement of new territories where people come and dandelions.
In Russian dandelion is not always wore a diminutive name.So, in the middle of the last century in the dictionaries to be found the name "oduvan."But in general this flower a lot of people's names associated with its healing properties, and characteristic appearance: bagels, blow-Pleshko Mansion, tooth
herb plantain zheltotsvetny, pushnik Jewish hat, briefing, legs, Popov gumentse, zheltomordiki,puff, soldiers, letushki and more.
Flowers dandelions are most familiar to us a bright yellow, sunny color.However, not all - so, for example, in the Caucasus can be found purple dandelions in the Tien Shan - lilac and dandelions blooming in Kamchatka, the name "dandelion myasokrasny" and "off-white dandelion."
Dandelion - one of the few plants, all parts of which are eaten.The leaves and stems of the dandelion are used for cooking soup and vitamin salads, roasted roots and used as a coffee substitute, made from the flowers of the wine and cook jam and flower buds are used for cooking "Dandelion honey."In the food it is used since ancient times.In particular, it is believed that it was a salad of dandelion ancient Greek goddess Hecate was entertaining Theseus.In some countries, particularly in France, dandelions grow along with other edible plants.
In the language of flowers bright golden blossoms of dandelions mean smile and joy, devotion, happiness, loyalty.Bouquet of dandelions - a gift for a loved one sincerely.The people are also credited with dandelion protective properties - it was thought that the flowers laid next to the crib, to help protect the child from the evil eye.A blooming dandelions, seen in a dream, heralded prosperous circumstances and happy union.But in Christianity, the dandelion is among the "bitter herbs", symbolizing the passion of the Lord.It was in this capacity in the Dutch painting of dandelions can be seen in the images of the Madonna and Child with the scene of Christ's crucifixion.
Dandelion - the only plant that can symbolize several celestial bodies."Yellow" Person of dandelion - a symbol of the sun, a silvery-white fluffy head - the moon and the stars represent the scattering seeds.