elementary particle - is an umbrella term for a group of tiny particles that make up matter.They include the photon is a quantum of electromagnetic radiation.Quantum is the smallest possible amount of energy and indivisible given or received by an electron.The existence of elementary particles is one of the most important tenets of physics, and check on the veracity of this postulate - One of the first tasks.
photons is based on the existence of a plurality of physical theories, ranging from quantum and ending nuclear.Quantum electrodynamics explains the interaction between photons, electrons and positrons.It considers the transfer of electromagnetic energy between the particles as the transfer of virtual particles.Virtual particles - is located in the intermediate states, and not subject to the usual relation between the m
ass, energy and momentum.
photon is continuously moving at the speed of light particle of the electromagnetic field, which can not be stopped.Photon any moves at the speed of light, or does not exist.Inherent photon and corpuscular and wave properties, it has zero rest mass and has a momentum that proved the existence of light pressure.A photon is able to participate in the strong nuclear force, which refer to quantum chromodynamics and are based on color charge.
A physicist James Maxwell concluded that light that would overcome the obstacle, must have pressure.Quantum theory explains the presence of light pressure as the transfer of photon momentum of its molecules or atoms of matter.Light exerts pressure on reflecting and absorbing his body, which explains the deviation of the tails of comets that pass close to the sun.Part of the light is transmitted light, and some is absorbed, thereby Visible deviation.
Wave-particle duality.This physical principle states that any object of nature can possess wave properties and particle properties.The first wave-particle duality was discovered during experiments with the properties of light, behaving, depending on the conditions or electromagnetic wave or as discrete particles.By photon dualism became applicable after the discovery of the Compton effect, which found that by passing x-rays through a substance, the wavelength of the scattered radiation is increased compared with the wavelength of the incident radiation.Photon exhibits particle properties when exposed to the substance and the wave propagation properties.