Selenium - a trace element that is part of the hormones and enzymes that affect the operation of all organs and systems of the person.It is necessary for the healthy functioning of the whole organism.Included in the more than 200 hormones and enzymes.It prevents cell death and regulates lifespan.It ensures proper operation of the antioxidant capacity of the organism.Playing a significant role in the formation of immunity.
Selenium, especially in combination with vitamins E and A, is able to protect against radiation.It stimulates the production of antibodies and increases the body's resistance to infectious and viral diseases.Much easier for colds and flu.It promot
es conservation of sexual activity.The daily requirement of selenium in the body is 0.02-0.1 mg.
proved that selenium helps the body fight cancer cells, reducing the mortality from this disease, and significantly reducing the risk of tumors.In countries where the soil is rich in selenium, the incidence of lung cancer and pelvic organs are extremely low.Selenium in combination with other micronutrients combats disorders in the structure of the chromosome containing the genetic information.It protects cells from the negative effects of poisons and carcinogens.The greatest need for selenium are people living in adverse environmental conditions, with a predisposition to cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system.
patients with bronchial asthma and heart disease is detected low levels of this trace element.At deficiency of selenium is considerably weakened the reproductive function, increasing the likelihood of a pathology of pregnancy and the number of mental and physical disorders in children and adolescents.The cause of selenium deficiency in the body are previously transferred diseases of the liver and intestines, as well as intoxication and poisoning with arsenic and metals, low levels of selenium in the region of residence.
harms not only the deficit but also an excess of selenium in the body.When receiving too much of the trace element can fall out hair and even the nails can be provoked the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the skin and extremities.Therefore, a person requires a minimum amount of selenium.
Neither product contains selenium more than a coconut.The highest amount of selenium contained in the by-products, sea salt, eggs, fish and seafood, wheat and corn, tomatoes, garlic, mushrooms, brewer's yeast, products from wheat flour.You must know that in canned foods lose all nutrients.Minimized the selenium content in processed and refined foods.