Water - the most valuable natural resource of great importance in the life of mankind.It is the only substance in nature, which can exist in three physical states: ice, liquid and gas.Water is able to absorb a large amount of heat energy without significantly increasing its own temperature, which ultimately determines the climate of the planet.Ordinary pure water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.It has a bluish tint, and a very difficult compressibility.
Water is used in many fields, each of which has a great influence on the physical and economic well-being of mankind.The largest number of water uses and utilities.In particular, it supports the need for the normal life of mankind humidity, air-conditioning is carried out, and for such equipment requires water.It cools the heat exchangers and air conditioners create the desired in
door climate in hot weather.She heat their homes and public buildings.Maintenance of plant life is based on water, which is provided to them by nature.
Man can not live without water.It cleans the blood and removes from the kidneys decomposition products.It is used for food and beverage, during bathing, washing, dishwashing and food.Plumbing equipment requires the use of water as a carrier of waste sewer systems.It can not be replaced during the irrigation of lawns, shrubs and trees in the summer months.The water used in fire protection.It is important to ensure uninterrupted supply of sufficient capacity and the corresponding power of water mains for its smooth delivery to all areas of human settlement and fire protection.
Quite a number of outdoor activities involves the use of water.As an example, boating, swimming, fishing and other water sports.Water is widely used in industry and manufacturing, but also in medicine.There is a whole area called hydrotherapy.It involves external application of water of different temperatures with therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.Physiology action hydrotherapy treatments determines the nature of the stimuli they have on the skin, and through it the entire body of the patient.
Scientists have proven that water is able to transfer information.She has a memory, so the water is often used in magical rituals and conspiracies.It is believed that "living" water occurs naturally in Tibet, it is capable of improving the human aura.A "dead" - poison the body, contribute to its premature aging.