According to official sources, freezing rain called solid precipitation that falls at negative temperatures.The air must be cooled between -10 ° C and below.Often the lower limit of -15 degrees.He is a solid transparent balls of ice the size of 1-3 mm.Rain is a phenomenon called because there is water inside the balls.Icy droplets in contact with one or another surface, broken, water is poured and then freeze.
Scheme of freezing rain is not as difficult as it seems.He begins to form when the atmosphere in the layer of warm air gets between the two cold.
The water that was frozen in the upper layer, getting warm, melted and again takes the form of drops.It then enters the cold lower layer and re-solidifies.
Because of the speed with which the droplet passes through the cold layer 2, she can only grab, but the middle is still fluid.So there is freezing rain.
scientists claim that freezing rain - it is, in fact, the rain and not snow or hail.Due to the fact that such an atmospheric phenomenon occurs in winter, it becomes quite critical for the cities.
If prolonged freezing rain, it could cause problems with electricity becauseline simply can not withstand such loads.
danger of freezing rain in the fact that it is very difficult to predict, and in most cases impossible.For Moscow, this phenomenon was a surprise, because in the central region of Russia, in principle, it is not typical.
Freezing rain is able to paralyze the work of the city - from the movement of pedestrians on it to takeoffs and landings of aircraft.This is due to the fact that a crust of ice is formed and rovnenko Gorny, move on it is physically impossible.Public utilities also have hard times, because they need to bring the streets and roads in order as soon as possible.