German (German) dialects are so different from each other, which is often the Germans from the south have little understanding of the Germans from the north.Since the days of feudal fragmentation of the present time is the gradual formation of a common language.For this purpose, formed Hochdeutsch as a literary version of the German language.It is in some way helping German citizens to overcome communication barriers. Note that even the literary version of the language has its specifics in different regions.

history of the language and its speakers

Around V century has developed three core categories of the German language family - High German, srednenemetskie, Low German dialects.Each type has a number of domestic species, belonging to a specific territorial jurisdiction.

High German, or as they are called, the southern dialects have verhnefranksky, Bavarian, Alemannic dialect.

Srednenemetskie (central) consist of srednefrankskogo, Silesian, verhnesaksonskogo, Thuringian dialects.

To Low German (aka North) - Western Frisian, Low Saxon and Lower Frasnian dialects.

main difference these dialects - Various pronunciation harsh consonants, they differ, respectively, of phonetics, although there are lexical differences affecting the morphemics and syntax.
And often, these differences are so significant, it is very difficult to adequately understand what the person using a particular dialect.

dialects spoken language development and the preservation of the roots

subsequent transfer according to yet reflected in the High German dialects.Less than it was realized in srednenemetskih dialects, and in the north and is not observed.

Germany dialects retain a presence in everyday life.Speaking full of adverbs, thus, not only in villages and small settlements, but also in the big cities.This is understandable, because the dialects are much older literary language, asof them (in particular from the High German and srednenemetskogo) formed a kind of literary speech.But the presence of literary style does not detract from the values ​​of the origins of language, although the movies and performances are in the German lands only on the literary language.In official documents, books and magazines, the announcers on radio and television is only Hochdeutsch - as a literary variation of the German language.And how to say - everyone decides for himself.