meaning of the word "brutalĀ»

From the word "brutality" severe blows romance inherent in Shakespearean times.It is often very different association close to the charisma and masculinity.During the Middle Ages the term "brutal" rewards those who are different animal cruelty, it was harsh and rude in dealing with others. in the literature can be seen as descriptions of human actions and qualities, where this word is used, such as "brutal outburst," "brutal man like that."

etymology of this term is not entirely clear.Some linguists believe that he has French roots.In Soviet times, the word in the Russian language is almost not used, it can be found only in encyclopedias.The architecture style of brutal designated one of the artistic trends, chara
cterized by severe.Today the term is often used in slightly different combinations of "brutal personality," "brutal man" and so on.

Brutality as a lifestyle

Very often in evaluations of actions and appearance of boys used the adjective "brutal."Does this mean that it is a cruel man, capable of atrocious acts?We have to admit that in such a combination, the term has almost lost its original meaning. word "brutal" ceased to be a negative term, and entered the Russian language as a means to describe the strong and courageous personality.

In the modern sense, is offering cult films and media, brutal man - a person possessing charismatic features.Such a person is different straightforwardness, determination and confident behavior.These traits are reflected in his manners, manners, appearance and even the style of clothing.

brutal man - the dream of every woman who instinctively seeks to acquire not only a romantic relationship, but also security in the modern world uncomfortable.With such a man a woman feels relaxed knowing that her companion will be able to find a solution to any desperate situation and to emerge victorious from the fight with the enemy. Images of brutal men are very popular among domestic and foreign lovers of adventure movies.

All men are brutal behavior indicates that he - the owner of the situation.This kind of person is not inclined in any situation to show aggression and cruelty.One of its kind makes it clear to others, that they face a natural leader.Such people are often to be found among politicians, actors and athletes.In their opinion counts.Their behavior is copied.Above them, they do not laugh, even if these people make mistakes.