you need
  • - ohmmeter or multimeter avometr;
  • - table color coding.
Remember unit resistance.This is important for determining the parameters of the resistor.Impedance is measured in ohms.Accordingly, the 1000 ohms = 1 kW and 1000 kW = 1 milliohms.
examination of the body of the resistor.There you will see any letters and numbers, or color bars.Alphanumeric marking may be represented by only numbers.In this case, you're dealing with the magnitude of the resistance in ohms.After the numbers may be the letter E, the combination of the EU, the inscription Om or the Greek letter Ω (Omega).The number refers to the number of units.
The body can stand and the letter K
. In this case, the resistance is measured in komah.In this letter she plays the role of a decimal point in the left-hand side of which is an integer value of resistance in komah, and the right - tenths and hundredths of coma.In this case, a designation that looks like 1K5, similar to the resistor 1.5 ohms.Designation K75 corresponds to a resistance of 0.75 ohms or 750 ohms.
the same way as in the previous case, in the designation letter M megger resistors means decimal comma.The value corresponds to the resistance 2M 2 MoMA, and 1M5 - 1.5 MoMA.M47 is similar to 0.47 MW and 470 kW.Usually, if the resistor is indicated by letters and numbers, its accuracy is percent, the value of which is written on the body.
color coding is applied to the body in the form of bands of different colors.Turn the resistor so that the group of three or four close bands appeared on the left.The band, which determines the accuracy class and located on the first group in the interval will be right.In this case, the first strip 2-3 starting from the left, represent the number, and the last group - factor.Each digit corresponds to a specific color.Black is zero, brown - 1 red - 2, orange - 3, yellow - 4, green - 5, -6 blue, purple - 7 gray - 8, the white - 9.
ModifierIt is also indicated by the color.Black - 1, Brown - 10, red - 100, orange - 1000 Yellow - 10 000 100 000 green, blue - 1 000 000 gold - 0.1.Thus, in all cases, the resistance value is expressed in ohms.For example, a combination of successive bands of red, green and yellow colors will match impedance 000 of 250 ohms or 250 ohms.
who is on the right edge is a separate lane accuracy of the resistance values ​​as a percentage.Silver color corresponds to 10%, gold - 5%, red - 2%, brown - 1%, green - 0.5%, purple - 0.1%.