you need
  • -mikrovolnovka;
  • -Plastic bottle;
  • and Paper cups;
  • -kruzhka;
  • -Wooden capacity;
  • -kamni;
  • -provoloka;
  • Kommersant;
  • -polietilen;
  • -Paper;
  • -svechka;
  • -negashenaya lime;
  • -vakuumny pump;
  • a lens of;
  • concave mirror.
Water can be boiled in a microwave oven.Pour over half a cup of water and connect the microwave for a few minutes.After switching off the inside of the cup, leave for another minute, then pull out.Immediately remove the bowl from the oven should not be, becauseoverheating of the water occurs, which does not have time to form bubbles, normally at reflux.And if you pull the cup at once, the water can bubble up like soda from a bottle.
Pour into a plastic bottle of water up to the neck.Twist should not be otherwise formed inside the bottle pressure, which may break the plastic.And then put the container on the fire, but not a strong fire and hot ash.After a while the water boils.The bottle may be deformed and slightly oplavitsya at the top, where there is no water, but not burned.Drinking water in the plastic is better not heated, because this material can give off noxious substances.
By the way, in order to boil water on the fire, you can use not only a plastic container and paper disposable cups, jars, and even cooking bags.The main thing that the fire burnt through well, and it was a lot of water tanks.
Take some wooden container and pour water into it.Spread the fire, and when the temperature in it is high enough, it warm up large stones such as gravel.Hot stones carefully placed one by one into the water.This can be done by means of a thick rod, folded loop.Some of these stones are able to boil water.Wooden utensils good that slowly releases the heat into the environment.
Lay newspaper (several possible) on the floor and lay on top of polyethylene.Take all of this into a tube with a diameter of about 4 cm. On one end of the light the newspaper and keep it upright.In the tube formed rod, hot air rises, and if you keep on paper cup with water, it soon comes to a boil.
If you need hot water, but not for drinking and for household needs, it can boil using quicklime.A kilogram of the substance vsypte two and a half liters of water and boil it quickly.
Pour the water into the cup and hold it over a couple of lenses through which you can focus the sun's rays.Direct beams to a single point (circle) may also be using a concave mirror (e.g., projector).