you need
  • - tree;
  • - blue and green Christmas balls;
  • - symbol of Horses;
  • - wooden utensils;
  • - Horseshoe;
  • - bouquets of straw or dried flowers;
  • - gifts.
Particular attention should be paid to general cleaning and, surprisingly, plumbing: say a leak from leaking taps water from the house goes well-being.On New Year's hectic social event, visit: exhibitions, concerts or go to the theater.But the horse is tied to home and hearth, and this means that the New Year is better to meet in a circle of relatives and close persons.
to look after the New Year outfits made of natural fabrics of blue, green, purple and gray.What is unusual is your style evening dress, the more it will evaluate the horse.Feel free to use sophisticated vivid details: wood
en beads, concise, shoes, hair clips or pearl necklace.Do not choose for the New Year's holiday outfit with shades uncharacteristic horse nature: yellow, orange, or angry horse slipped past your house.This animal prefers naturalness, which will be relevant in the make-up, hairstyle and outfit.Men can safely abandon the suit, tie and create a sloppy image of a knight or a conqueror.
verses accompanying the Blue horse itself tells decorations for the home.Meeting 2014 - a great excuse to hang lucky talisman - a horseshoe or ringing bells - on the door.Wooden ware, bamboo towels, painted spoons and various statuettes in the form of a symbol of the year, bunches of straw or dried flowers will transform your home.Christmas tree, decorate with beautiful blue and green toys, silvery rain.Please add "forest image" figure to be the patroness of the year - Horses.
Horse - herbivore, it will be enjoyed by a large number of vegetarian snacks and fruit desserts on your holiday table.Do not skimp on the greens, garnish with basil or other herbs.The main principle: as much fruit and vegetables, for horse loves crunching an apple or carrot.