Perhaps the most magical and fantastic holiday for residents of the former Soviet Union is the New Year.Waiting for a miracle - that's what attracts people to him.Almost everyone with a glass in his hand under the chiming clock want to believe that all wishes are about to come true, and it is now starting a new life sparkling white stripe.But come tomorrow, and we have to clear away dirty dishes, wash cloths and napkins, sweep the tinsel and confetti ... Well, and then comes back to life has a knurled track.
So how long to maintain a sense of fairy tales in the shower?In fact, it's pretty simple, you just have to move away from the stereotypical scenarios of the New Year holidays.The first thing that comes to mind - to
celebrate the New Year at home with his family at the festive table, with fireworks and riding a roller coaster.But in this case all the New Year holidays merge into one picture, and remember to be almost nothing.
best way to conduct the Christmas holidays is a journey.Just imagine, that on December 31, you do not cut salads, not baked duck in the oven, do not cook mashed potatoes, and do her hair, makeup and manicure to celebrate the holiday in the hotel restaurant.And in the morning instead of the traditional harvesting go on the tour.
If you are sure that in the New Year under the snow crunching underfoot must, go to Europe, ski resorts in Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland will welcome you.In addition, it is also a way to enrich the cultural, visiting various museums and theaters.Turkey also can meet the beginners and the system "all inclusive" - ‚Äč‚Äčanother positive point in the trip.
And imagine the New Year holidays in the hot sun.Winter holiday, during which you sweated like will never be forgotten.Just do not forget to different tinsel, toys and garlands to decorate a room.
Of course, it is really original and memorable to celebrate New Year without going abroad.So, you can meet the holiday with the whole family in a rented tram: for a fee of depot staff will allocate a heated car, which the night will go all over the city.
Even in cold days is not prohibited to meet holidays water.So, dolphins not only provide accommodation, show performances, but also organize a gala dinner for guests.Or you can rent a pool, decorate with tinsel and night swimming.
Festival and the truth can be magical.Originality - it is a guarantee that the new year will be really fabulous, but the memories will warm the soul and many years later.