New Year program

folk entertainment and fun in the New Year St. Petersburg are countless.They are in a lot of the usual time, but in the winter holiday you can truly roam.The special atmosphere will not let anyone get bored.

mandatory program is a visit to the Hermitage, with its unique collection of art treasures, paintings, the likes of which are not found in other museums around the world.Russian museum also boasts a huge collection of amazing works of art.Generally, in St. Petersburg a lot of museums, expositions very different, and whatever you're interested in, you will always find there, what to visit, be sure to learn a l


Hiking tours - this is another form of entertainment mandatory in St. Petersburg.The architecture of the city is its individual attraction.So many beautiful buildings and sculptures there is not in every city, that's why St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful places in Europe.Snowy Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's and Kazan Cathedrals, as well as many other buildings - the northern capital has something to show to visitors.

Not far from the fortress necessarily pour ice slide, slide on which can not only children but also many adults who are also willing to think it's fun.Enterprising young people immediately offered for rent ledyanki and old tires that are perfectly slide, so that the real speed of the descent is provided to you.On the territory of the fortress every winter, the festival of ice sculptures that are worth a visit - it is very beautiful, especially when the ice illuminated lanterns.

On the eve of the new year comes the identity of Santa Claus parade along Nevsky Prospekt, he was greeted at the Vitebsk railway station, directly from the Great Ustyug.It was officially "opened" New Year's holidays.

December 31 in the evening, starting mass festivities across the city.To house the area is going to the people at the very center of the city stands a huge tree.Everywhere arranged scenes, which take place festive performances.Even the pickiest audience will find themselves something interesting.Before the battle of hours on the big screen at the square, broadcast the President's address.

Another epicenter of the festival is located on Vasilevsky Island.There is also installed a huge Christmas tree, around which the festivities going on all the New Year's Eve.

Since the Catholic Christmas and throughout the New Year holidays on Ostrovsky Square acts Fair, which sold all kinds of sweets and souvenirs.Also, there are held various competitions where you can win something.

organizational issues

Usually New Year holidays people go to St. Petersburg for about a week or two.Try to book rooms in hotels, as well as tickets for trains or planes in advance.In recent years, the excitement around the winter holidays in St. Petersburg has increased, there is a risk that the seats will not be simple.

Remember that New Year's Eve car traffic along Nevsky Prospekt stops.Metro works as usual, that is, at night, it also does not work, although it usually opens January 1st a little earlier, around 4am.Taxi fare soars to the heavens, especially near Palace Square - in the heart of the festival, so it is advisable to catch the car, moving away from her for a couple of blocks to save a little.