According to the Orthodox calendar, Christmas is celebrated on January 7th, and the Catholic - December 25th.Christmas - a great celebration of Christ's birth, so to this day to have fun and enjoy life.

For religious people the celebration of Christmas begins the night before, when decided to gather at a family dinner.According to ancient tradition, under the tablecloth lay a straw, and after dinner, do not remove from the table.

make a Christmas menu of 13 dishes on the number of apostles plus Jesus.The bulk of the dishes should be meat, mostly pork.The traditional dish for Christmas roast goose has always been and tarts.The numbe
r of instruments should be even if odd number of guests - put extra cutlery.
For the less religious people, Christmas - this is another opportunity to gather family and give each other gifts.Some people do not get to join his family in the New Year, so for them Christmas is a wonderful option of the New Year holiday.

If the New Year is only desirable to celebrate family, the Christmas just absolutely have to see their relatives.In the light of Christ the Savior's birthday be sure to go to church, and traditionally it is better to do early in the morning.It should not be on this day to abuse alcohol, it is best to drink red wine in small quantities.On Christmas Day, as well as many religious holidays, you can not work, even washing dishes after a celebratory dinner is better to leave the next day.
Christmas distinguished by the fact that on that day on the desk should light at least one candle.Be sure to stock up on Christmas candle.If the smell of tangerines New Year, the Christmas smells of cinnamon and incense.

Christmas and New Year - the two most important winter holiday, the days when everyone can feel like a kid waiting for a pleasant miracle.And, oddly enough, but every year these holidays make us happy, albeit small, but still wonders.