$ 0 0 kopecks

Alas, it does happen: on the nose the New Year, and in the home piggy bank - a penny.You can write on the subject of New Year comedy script, get a bank loan, ask for a loan from friends or just go to bed after the fight chimes ... But it's much better to celebrate and free.There are options.

Go to the city, or district New Year festivities.You are waiting for the fireworks, dances around the Christmas tree, greeting Santa Claus, holiday concerts, crowds of smiling people around - and it's all absolutely free.When and where will the New Year celebrations in Moscow on the night of December 31, 2014 January 1, 2015 can be found on the city's sites.

No money for the Christmas tree dream?No problem!Holiday deco

rations certainly left with last year - decorate balls and shiny tinsel houseplants arrange Christmas toys on the shelves, hang garlands from the ceiling.Family budget will not sustain buying delicacies?Holiday meals can be prepared of the most common products that surely everyone has in the refrigerator: potatoes, pasta, chicken.

Invite a friend to organize New Year's feast in your home, dividing responsibilities - they buy food, drinks and fireworks, while you cook, set the table and wash the dishes.Many agreed with pleasure.

2000 - 5000 rubles

money for a celebration there, only their cat laugh.How to squeeze the most important holiday of the year within a small budget?

best way to save on products - to go out of town, for example to the country.You'd be surprised, but at the time of travel for food per person spends about $ 100 a day.Firstly, because the fresh air, any food tastes better.Secondly, experience the beauty of landscapes with the simplicity of success compensate dishes.Why not use this effect in the New Year?Nazharte barbecue, cook mulled wine, play in the snow.Food & Beverage (meat, wine, vegetables, tangerines, juice and bread) will cost 600-800 rubles for each, and pleasure as much from visiting expensive restaurants.

10,000 - 20,000 rubles

Dinner at the restaurant.No need to cook or set the table or wash the dishes or entertain the audience - all this will make specially trained people.Here are just a place to celebrate is choose extremely picky.First, read the reviews about the gala dinner - if the institution coped brilliantly with a banquet for several years, chances are that this time will not fail.Secondly, it is necessary to visit the pre-selected restaurant - at least drink a cup of coffee there.So you can understand, if you like the atmosphere and service enough to hold the main night of the year.Cost of New Year celebrations in the capital's restaurant - 5000 rubles per person.

kultpohody.Another great option - to go with the whole family on December 31 at the theater or a concert favorite artist.

New Year Abroad

3000 - 10 000 rubles per person.Vouchers for the New Year are often so expensive that they are not in a hurry to buy.So travel companies forced to sell a trip a few days before the holiday at a discount of 50-80%.Especially often this happens with tours to Egypt or Turkey.

10 000 - 15 000 rubles per person - Baltic.Christmas markets, where you can taste freshly baked pastries and fragrant mulled wine, narrow streets of the medieval city, covered with fluffy snow, cozy cafes - all this winter tale is cheap.Train ticket from Moscow to Riga or Tallinn and back will cost 6 000 - 10 000, living in a modest hotel - 1 500 - 2 000 rubles per person per day.

of 15 000 - 20 000 rubles.Bus tour of Europe.Most likely, you will have to spend many hours on the bus and even 1-2 times a night in it, but a week you will see several European countries, will meet a lot of new people and meet the new year on the main square in Paris, Prague or Budapest.

of 20 000 - 30 000 rubles.You can choose to buy a plane ticket to any European city that you want to visit and book the hotel there, but New Year's Eve, or wrap it in a tavern bar.

30 000 - 60 000 rubles.Travel in the summer.You can go to celebrate New Year in warm countries such as Thailand and Tunisia.Even in January, there are blooming flowers, palm trees rustle and you can sunbathe and swim in the sea.

how much to spend on gifts

$ 0 0 kopecks.Write funny congratulatory poem.You can also make a funny video from photos and favorite songs of the person you want to congratulate.To do this will need only a computer, 2-3 hours of free time and a little knowledge.

300-1 000 rubles per person.Give something to do with hobbies.You can also be present, such as movie tickets, gift certificate for a master class or a day at the fitness center.

From 1 500 rubles per person.There is an option to give food basket, which includes champagne, coffee, tangerine, chocolate, cheese, olives, etc.Also gift certificates for shopping, for example, cosmetics or perfumes.