Dreaming add variety to the traditional festive menu, but have no idea what it was to replace or at least supplement the salad, herring under a fur coat and meat in French?It is possible the proposed culinary voyage will bring you to the point.The spectrum of the world's gastronomic delights of Christmas is incredibly broad, and options to satisfy both carnivore and a vegan is more than enough.It is important also that the majority of these festive dishes do not require significant financial and time costs.

Famous restaurants in New Year's Eve strive to outdo each other in a luxurious menu, you will see the dishes with foie gras, black truffles, asparagus in various intricate variations, oysters, the most expensive cheeseand, of course, champagne.Family holiday table ordinary Frenchman, of course, loo
ks modest, but the locals in this case, try especially not to save, because to meet New year modestly - and then live it as well.Indispensable participant of all New Year's menu at any level in France - a chocolate log (the same Christmas biscuit rolls).Decorating his mistress give vent to imagination, building of berries, nuts, candied truly highly compositions.

in this country to the New Year Christmas culinary passion usually subside.Yet sleep festive meal last year (in fact flows into the first) is not exactly succeed.First, the Italians will run until the morning of firecrackers and fireworks, firmly believes that this crash and illumination scare away evil spirits from their homes, countries and the world at large.Second, the New Year's feast is still has not been canceled, and celebrate it with a known scale.Often chipped organize holiday: guests and hosts agree who is responsible for what.On the table there is usually pasta (as always), most konkilone - "shell" with ricotta, pizzas, baked beans or lentil soup.Rounding out the New Year's meal cake - pannetone - ideally, home production, the quality of which is judged on the culinary arts mistress.

Many New Year ceremonies in this country came from the Middle Ages.But dressed Christmas tree has become an attribute of a holiday only in the XIX century: before that it took place beautifully decorated with a sheaf of straw having a Christmas origin.On New Year's table must be present extra plate for the unexpected guest, who should always be fed.Especially that the table that night simply was breaking from the treats.According to tradition, it must contain 12 dishes, including bigos (meat stewed with cabbage), kutia wheat, dumplings, dumplings, and even soup.On New Year's table is necessary to put herring: according to an old Polish tradition, every guest at the table under the chiming clock eats for good luck at least a small piece.The obligatory dish of the feast is also baked carp - the symbol of family wealth and prosperity.

Young Norwegians in the New Year night waiting for gifts not from Santa Claus, and from ... goats!Therefore, in the evening, the children put their shoes and boots dry spikelets of oats in the morning with enthusiasm finds a long-awaited Christmas gifts.In Norway, a goat is at a premium: according to legend, King Olaf II rescued the wounded goat, cured her and let go.Then the clever animal every night brought the savior of rare medicinal plants, thus considerably adding to the list of folk remedies for various ailments.As for the New Year's feast, which usually runs in families, it is not very refined.However, the choice of food is quite decent: it is spicy and delicious biscuits, and sausage and pork ribs, salmon and tender, and always salted herring.

Note that in this country greeted the New Year by the lunar calendar, that is familiar to us after January 1st.And the day of his offensive changes every year.In 2015 - the year of the Blue Goat (or Sheep) New Year comes on Chinese soil on February 19.Each of the traditional New Year dishes of this country has a specific meaning: tagliatelle, which is certainly present on the festive table symbolizes a long prosperous life, chicken - good luck, duck - loyalty.

Some meals eaten on New Year's Eve because of the similarity of their sound with words is, for example, the abundance of (fish) or a good year (rice cakes).For the next year was a success, the Chinese will not irritate absolutely bloodthirsty goat or a sheep, meat dishes, and replace them with poultry or fish.The most coveted treats on New Year's table will be a variety of vegetable and fruit salads, dairy dishes, cheeses, a variety of rolls, resembling twisted horns.