usually prepare for favorite family celebration begins with selecting and decorating a Christmas tree.This action can be organized in such a way that it becomes a kind of New Year's Eve entertainment.Try to get to the case of their home, and let it will signal the beginning of the holiday.Decorate the tree with beautiful toys, tinsel, artificial snow.You can hang on the Christmas tree candy, chocolate, mandarin.Especially nice to decorate live Christmas tree, because it gives the house a wonderful fragrance of the wood and creates a special atmosphere.
about a few days before the festival come up with their household celebratory dinner menu.And let the
whole family takes part in the preparation of dishes.Kids, you can instruct the festive salads.They are well equipped with cleaning and cutting vegetables cooked in advance.You can also instruct them tableware.A festive table is required to mark the effort the kids: a competition for the best salad and reward kids.Of course, in addition to salads, to decorate the Christmas table should be the most favorite dishes of your family.
By tradition, the New Year to give gifts.It is not necessary to bestow all super expensive and special show.Just be creative, for example, in their packaging.Wrap in several layers of paper and a surprise place it under the Christmas tree, or hide and arrange the search for "treasure."In this game a pleasure to turn on both adults and children.You can think of a variety of lottery or play a few prizes.
before the new year can ask all households to write letters to themselves.Let them write about their plans for the next year, their dreams and wishes for yourself and your loved ones.Seal the letter in an envelope and read them to the next New Year.