Because next year is a sign of female symbol - goat, he will manifest is feminine traits of the animal: capriciousness, inconstancy.However, it is believed that the goat has extraordinary intuition, which helps it avoid many unforeseen problems.Impermanence manifest in getting to know people, and in terms of finances.New friendships as easily and quickly come to an end as it began.

business people Cosa unlikely to please, because it is too far from this area.But individual savings zealous owners of the animal will help to preserve and multiply.This does not mean that everyone who is engaged in self-employed, should give up and let the winds.On the contrary, it is necessary to work hard, thinking through every move and not really flaunting their plans for the future.

It is gratifying that the element of 2015 - a tree.This is a powerful symbol of new

life, of honoring their roots, nepotism and chastity.The strength and rigidity of wood smooths vzbryki foolish goats, so will be available in the coming year to plan the family nest arrangement, the solution of domestic problems will not encounter serious obstacles.For the same reasons, most are successful marriages.

goat by the color blue and green, which also foreshadows the world and creation.Waiting on a wooden Goats some quieter achievements is not reasonable, but the movement in many spheres of life will still occur, but very discreetly.Yes, the goat may be too vulnerable and troubled and pessimistic at times, but overall it was not a militant mark, without a sense of aggression.Therefore, recovery of lost friendships, both in business and in the family will be easy.

Goat - sensual, creative nature and, of course, it will favor all creative occupations: actors, artists, musicians, writers, and designers.But this animal also motherly caring, so good things will emerge from teachers, educators, social workers.She fills a reliable shoulder to anyone who lives his life in the care of neighbors, the weak, the disadvantaged.