Make a list of people with whom you are planning to celebrate the New Year.Find the enthusiasts who will work together with you prepare the festivities.Divide responsibilities among themselves.
• search the premises for celebration and decoration.
• Developing holiday menus, purchase food, cooking.
• Technical equipment of the holiday: music and light equipment, pyrotechnics.
• Develop a program to celebrate the New Year.
• Photo and video shooting of the New Year holiday.
If you plan to celebrate the New Year outside his home, then you need to book a room in advance.Option you choose
has rooms were occupied at 31 December, and at home tired to celebrate New Year?Think of the mobile version.For example, New Year's bus.The main thing to find the driver indifferent to alcohol.
festively decorate the room will help you fancy attributes and New Year decoration - tinsel, rain, garlands, Christmas balls, and, of course, the Christmas tree.Christmas tree can be successfully replaced by cactus, ficus, palm or other high evergreen.
traditional dishes Christmas table are: the salad "Olivier", jellied fish and dumplings.For dessert, tangerines and persimmons.The traditional drink of the New Year table - champagne.Whichever menu you choose, on what drinks are not stopped, the main thing to calculate their number.On New Year's holiday, which usually lasts 4 - 6 hours, you need to 1-1.5 kilograms of food per person.As for drinks, calculate separately soft and alcoholic drinks.Soft drinks are calculated as follows.One liter of a man who is drinking alcohol.Two liters of the man who will drink only non-alcoholic drinks.Alcohol calculated based on the practice of banquet facilities.One bottle of vodka (0,5 l.) Is calculated for two people.One bottle of wine is calculated per person.One bottle of champagne is calculated for three people.Sincetraditional New Year's champagne drink, you can buy it at the rate of one bottle per person.
Technical equipment.
Think about whether you want to see the New Year's address of the President of the Russian Federation, or rather you hear it.You plan to dance or to organize a New Year's karaoke contest.Run into the sky will rejoice sparkling fireworks or Bengal lights.Get pyrotechnic devices only proven shops.Before starting read the instructions carefully.Observe safety rules.
New software.
Make a program with regard to the interests and wishes of the guests.For street suit outdoor games to keep warm."Snowballs", "one-legged skier", "Capture of the fortress."To choose a quiet room creative tasks."Broken TV", "Dance Craft", "Diamond Eyes".The culmination of the Christmas program should be the appearance of Santa Claus.You can invite artists for a holiday, and you can choose the main characters of the New Year the number of guests attending.Costumes can be bought or rented.With Santa Claus and you can plunge into childhood.Wave the dance and read poetry in his chair.Saying good-bye, Santa Claus will hand over the New Year's gifts, which you promptly taken care of themselves.
Photo and video shooting.
Old Year with chimes will be history.To keep it in mind for a long time to shoot at the camera and a video camera the highlights of the holiday.Determine in advance who the guests will be responsible for the process of shooting.He takes care of charging batteries cameras and camcorders.Happy New Year!