book a place in one of the restaurants in the city on New Year's Eve.In 2011, it would cost you with a total of 2,000 to 6,000 per person.For example, New Year's Eve in a restaurant as "Fiesta de Rio", will cost you 5,000 rubles.In addition to several kinds of appetizers, main course, dessert and alcohol, this price will go down and entertaining show program with participation of actors and attracting visitors themselves.
for large companies organize their own holiday.To help in providing leading, artists, dancers, jugglers and musicians, you will be able to special events agency, such as the Khabarovsk Agency "Sugar-Boy."But be prepared for a significant expense.For example, only the services of a professional DJ in Khabarovsk estimated at 1,500 ru
bles per hour and higher.
find room for self-organized holiday.You can rent a hall cafe or restaurant, closed on New Year's Eve, but it will cost very expensive.It is much cheaper and more interesting option could be to rent a tram for banquets and feast on the go.So you combine the New Year's celebration and tour the city.The cost of such services - 2000 rubles per hour pay-working driver, the minimum rental period tram - two hours.
Mark New Year in the countryside.To do this, make a house or in a hotel room in one of the tourist centers near Khabarovsk.For example, a room in a hotel on the basis of "Zaimka Plyusnina" will cost from 1,500 to 8,000 rubles per night, depending on their design and size.Also on the camp site you can go skiing, visit the sauna and enjoy a nice dinner at a local restaurant.
If you like active rest, visit one of the nightclubs of the city - Bellagio, Zeppelin or any other.Menu there will be quite simple in comparison with the restaurant, but you will be able to dance all night under the appropriate music to you.