main rule in cooking for a festive New Year's table is to choose natural products.It is necessary to remember that the monkey does not approve of dyes and carcinogens.Since this is a herbivore, most meals should be vegetarian - salads, vegetable stew, grilled vegetables and dietary skewers.Meals are recommended liberally flavored with any herbs - dill, parsley, lettuce, arugula, chives, etc.It is also recommended to use chicken eggs, carrots, peppers and onions.

important to remember that salads should be easy to do, because the monkey loves an active life, for which you need energy.In order not to overeat in the New Year 2016 is to organize a buffet, where you want to place the sandwiches, tartlets, or chi

ps.The advantage of using such a table that will not have heaviness in the stomach, and nothing will prevent visitors to have fun, to dance and to participate in various competitions.

If you know what the guests prefer meat or fish dishes, it is recommended to apply to the table, for example, ham on a spit, barbecue or other dishes cooked over an open fire.Fish is best done for a few, but of seafood worth and refuse at all - Monkey them feels no bindings.For the character of the coming year it is important that the food as little as possible was subjected to heat treatment.Meat on the table should not be much, it is necessary to choose only low-fat varieties of it.And best of all give preference to chicken.

table must be abundant in sweetness.So do not forget the large plate with a variety of fruits, including bananas.As an extra treat, you can file a cookie, cake or cake.

The New Year 2016 is to give preference to noble alcoholic beverages - sparkling wines, whiskeys and brandies.Welcome fruit drinks, juices, fruit drinks or plain water.Diversity was recommended to all kinds of cool cocktails.