Schedule Olympics in Sochi - where to look?

competition schedule Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, posted on the website of the organizing committee.Sporting events will be held in two locations - the coastal zone - are located there stadiums and rinks, and mountains - there are built tracks, lifts, built grandstand.The schedule specifies exactly which sectors will be a particular competition.For the convenience of users on the site includes an interactive map that allows pre-orient, where passes need to play.This is very important as the Olympic facilities greatly distant from each other, to get from one to the other you will need a lot of time.

To find the schedule on the website of the organizing committee, choose a subheading "tickets."By clicking on it, you will see a s
ign, wherein the sport, date and time of the competition, as well as the number of seats available for sale.Places are divided into several categories.Selling cheap tickets over the summer of 2013. It had tickets to "stand-up" sector, with no fixed.In October 2013 it began selling tickets to the place, as well as invitations to VIP-boxes.Tickets to the sites also ranked.Those that are closer to the slopes or the ice arena, are more expensive.

Also site of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, the competition schedule in Sochi will be published in mass sports publications.This will take place closer to the start date of the game, in January - February 2014.

How to buy tickets to the Olympics?

on the website of the organizing committee can not only view the schedule, but also buy tickets for the competition and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.To do this, you need to register on the portal, specifying the name, passport number, e-mail address.On it you will receive a password with which you can become an authorized user and to buy tickets.To pay for them, get a card Visa.Only it can help to make a purchase.Enter the card number in the appropriate box and enter the next three-digit code, which is on the back of the card, next to the signature.These figures will help to make electronic transactions with your account, withdraw the amount necessary to pay for tickets remotely.