The most important indicator is the number of training athletes won their medals.The first place in the team standings of the championship went to the hostess, Team Canada, has earned 14 gold medals.The Russian team is also planning to be in the top five in the end managed to win only 11 seats.In the piggy bank of our team turned 15 medals, only three of which were gold, 5 - silver, 7 bronze.This result is the worst in all the years of performance of our national team at the Olympics.

All the gold anyway was associated with skiing.The first medal was awarded for women's biathlon team, traditionally cons
idered one of the favorites in the sport;the second went biathlete Yevgeny Ustyugov per race is 15 km, and the third went to sprinter Eugene Kryukov, just for a split second ahead of his team-mate Alexander Panzhinskogo.

was unhappy with the result, and judging skater Evgeni Plushenko, who won in the men's figure skating silver and gold are not planned.A pleasant surprise was the medal snowboarders and skaters Ekaterina Ilyukhin Skobreva Ivan, who was able to win two medals at this Olympics.Biathlete Olga Zaitseva and skier Alexander Panzhinsky added to the treasury of two more silver.

bronze medals totaled more than half of all won awards.One managed to win the men's team biathlon, men vtoruyu- deuce bobsled;two went to Alexander Tretyakov (skeleton) and Ivan Skobreva (running at 5000 m).Men's and women's teams of skiers were able to add on the award in the sprint, and the pair Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin in ice dancing.

most severe disappointment for the majority of Russians proved performance hockey team, losing in the quarterfinals of the Canadian with a crushing score of 3-7.The second great disappointment brought skaters who failed in the end to win a single gold.Summing
disappointing outcome of the Olympic Games, we should recognize absolutely unsatisfactory state of the system of training athletes.In spite of all financial investments and increasing cash bonuses from the state for the medals, the result of every year is only getting worse.Indicative of the situation of skater Ivan Skobrev, who lives and trains in Italy, because there are all conditions for that.Unfortunately, leaving Russia not only athletes, but also coaches that can achieve remarkable results.

Before the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, left very little time.It is hoped that the findings were made after the previous right, and the result in the native walls give a reason for pride for our athletes!