you need
  • - Family photos;
  • - adhesive;
  • - scissors;
  • - frame;
  • - Whatman;
  • - New Year cards;
  • - magazines.
What can please the beloved grandmother in the New Year?Remind her how great and friendly in her family, like many of her relatives and friends appreciate and love.Congratulate grandmother with New year can do for her theme collage of family photos over the years.
Prepare a larger photo.Let there be photos of different years - grandchildren will be presented and babies and school children - and young and adults.Grandma would be nice to remember all the important moments of family life.Be sure to prepare a few photos of the most grandmothers, try to get to them, it was filmed in a festive atmosphere, and looked good.Probably my grandmother will show your gift to all friends, showing
off your loving grandchildren, so the choice of the photos go up very seriously.In addition, try to match the image of any one category, or your collage will be overloaded and uninteresting.For example, you can select the photos, which shows grandmother with children and grandchildren in different years - from youth to old age.Or a photo in which you congratulate grandmother with New year - also at different times.
Think about how to place photos in your collage.It is possible to apply some image "overlap" - it will create some illusion of volume.You can not observe the time sequence - the main images that convey the joyful mood.Some images do larger, others - smaller, drawing attention to his beloved grandmother.
Also add photos into a collage of holiday cards and clippings from magazines.For example, it may be a Christmas tree, traditional Christmas decorations.Glue the image of Santa Claus and snowflakes make their own hands.Pick a funny greeting and signature.
Now you only have to glue photos and clippings on a large sheet of thick drawing paper and remove it in a frame.Give your favorite grandmother collage with warm words and wishes.