Choose city host the XXVIII Olympic Games began long - 9 years - before the date of their conduct.The special commission of the International Olympic Committee originally submitted six cities from three continents, including St. Petersburg.Prior to stage a vote came five candidates - the Russian representative was out on his own initiative.Voting was conducted in several rounds, after each of which the candidate with the lowest rating is deleted from the list.The longest held out the two cities on the list related to the time of origin of Olympism - Rome and Athens.The Greek capital has won the vote with a ratio 66:41.In addition to the games of th
e ancient period of development of our civilization, Athens has carried out one of the modern Olympic Games.It was there in 1896, held a forum Olympian athlete who was given the first number.

In preparation for the 28th Olympiad capital of Greece became a city, using the most modern construction technologies.Built in the period of transport infrastructure and now, during the crisis in this country, very effectively used.From 1998 to 2004, the new airport was opened, modernized electric lines - underground tram, suburban trains - and laid hundreds of kilometers of roads.The opening and closing ceremonies were held in the sports complex, purpose-built for the Olympics in the northern part of the city.There was held a large number of events and athletes, he was the final of the football tournament.

second largest Olympic venue - sports complex "Elliniko" - is located on the seafront, and it competed mainly representatives of team sports.In the center of Athens were placed only two sports arenas in which competing archers, badminton and modern pentathletes.Sports facilities were later used as effectively as transport infrastructure of the Olympic Games-2004.